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Paragliding over Ohrid [video]

January 3, 2017




Ohrid, Macedonia. Afternoon walk in the most famous and the busiest street in town. I feel like I was in Sopot in Poland. The similar street in the similar resort. There is not much to do or see. Overcrowded, overrated and too expensive street, full of restaurants and stands with souvenirs and all the crap for tourists. I feel a strong urge to jump in the nearest narrow side street. To hide in the shadow of the old houses. To hide from the sun and constant flow of people. Before I could do that, Kasia had called me over. If you see her so excited, you know that something’s going on…

– What are you doing there?
– You can paraglide here in Ohrid!
Before I could say something, we were in the middle of arranging our next day’s flight.
– Kasia, but are you sure…
– Yes, I am!
– But you are acrophobic. Besides, you said you want to go rafting and canyoning.
– I want that too.
– How…?
– Twenty minute flight.
– How much does it cost?
– Seventy euro per person
I was moaning a little bit more, but it had already been decided. We are going to paraglide tomorrow. Did I mention that I don’t like heights either?


The next day our paraglider comes to pick us up. He’s a man in our fathers’ age. He comes from Turkey. Paraglider with unquestionable experience, has done thousands of flights. He is a juror in international paragliding competitions. But he is also really nice and interesting guy. We have a lot to talk about. There is also nice young fellow who works as a paraglider’s helper. It’s kinda weird to communicate with him with mixture of English, Polish and Macedonian. But it works!

We are jumping to ramshackle van. We are going up the hill, few miles from Ohrid. It’s hard to imagine a better place to paraglide. There is an amazing view from the hill. You can see majestic Lake Ohrid and the town itself. The sun is shining and the wind seems about right. So, who shall fly first?

There is only one paraglider and two of us. We have to go separately. I’m going first – a brave husband. All the equipment ready, harness adjusted. Ready for the battle like Alexander the Great in his chariot!
How was it up there? Enjoy the movie.

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