10 Polish gifts for foreigners

December 7, 2016


Christmas can be painful. Even if you don’t celebrate, like us. We don’t really care about presents and we have enough the whole Christmas spirit about a month before it starts. All our neighbours have already decorated their christmas trees and  all shops play ‘Last Christmas’ song. Again. There is one thing we like about Christmas, though. Giving presents. And that is why we prepared a list of perfect Polish gifts for foreigners. Well, not for foreigners only, as we would like to have them ourselves.


1.  The Witcher books

You can buy them for example here: CLICK!
I don’t like the author himself (he’s boorish, arrogant jerk), but I love ‘The Witcher’ saga! I played the game as well (great and also Polish!), but book is always book. We can bet that a lot of your friends had no idea that it exists. Living abroad woke up our inner patriotism and we try to promote Poland whenever we can. We gave ‘The Witcher’ to three of our friends and all of them were very excited about that.


2. Inglot cosmetics

Buy here: CLICK!
When I’m in Poland I always go to conquer Inglot salons. Quality of these cosmetics is comparable to few times more expensive MAC. Prices are especially good in Poland. They can really surprise you abroad. And it won’t be nice surprise, I’m afraid. That’s why the best idea is to buy Inglot when you are visiting Poland. Two birds with one stone!

3.  Bison Grass Vodka with apple juice

You can buy here: CLICK!
If we had to tell what gift our friends liked better: The Witcher or the Bison Grass Vodka – we would have problem. For non-Polish it’s quite exotic drink (probably because foreigners have no idea how to drink it) and always brings excitement first, and later, joy.  It’s available in bigger supermarkets in England, but for killing price. It’s much better to buy it in Poland or duty free shop.

4.  Mead

You can buy it for example here: CLICK!
This traditional Polish beverage is made by fermenting honey with water and was already known in Medieval times. It was considered exclusive and was very expensive. We can choose from półtorak, dwójniak, trójniak i czwórniak, depending on the proportion between water and honey (from the biggest to the smallest percentage of honey). I like dwójniak and trójniak the most, because I am such a sweet girl! But not too much, though! As far as I know, English people have never heard about mead, so it can be even more original gift than Bison Grass Vodka.


5. Baltic amber

You can buy amazing handmade amber jewellery in many online galleries, such as this one CLICK!
Baltic amber jewellery was made already in paleolithic period! Over times it started to be kind of Polish trade mark, although 90% of all amber deposits are in Russia. I have amber jewellery myself and I have to admit that it’s perfect for any occasion. I got it for my 18th birthday and I still wear it. It would be hard to find something more timeless than that!

6.  Folk scarf

Buy here: CLICK!
 As you can see I have one myself and I take it literally everywhere! I have it for few years now and I’m never bored with it! It’s huge and very warm (but it’s not thick!), I use it as a scarf, scarf AND cap when it’s raining or as a warm poncho during chilly evenings. And I always get lots of compliments about it. I definitely love it and if I could, I would buy more in all available colours.

7.  Polish cook book

You can buy this book here: CLICK!


Polish cuisine is good, because it’s cheap and good! Seriously, in my opinion, Polish cuisine is very interesting and I have never spoken to any foreigner who didn’t like bigos or pierogi. Additionally, majority of recipes is simple to make (maybe sometimes time consuming, but still simple) and ingredients are easy to get in bigger supermarkets or polish shops abroad. We’ve seen Polish products even in Iceland.


8.  Ceramic from Bolesławiec

Buy here: CLICK!
Ceramics from Bolesławiec will probably be one of the best Polish gifts. Bolesławiec Company is one of the leaders in the whole world in ceramics production in unique stamp technique. Polish pottery is manufactured since XIX century and it’s recognizable all over the world. If not the fact that Piotr already smashed my beloved, beautiful, perfect handmade cup once, I would buy small set for myself. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared to pay a little bit more – about 12 euro for a mug.

9.  Folk tablecloth

You can buy it here: CLICK!
Amazing, beautiful and one of a kind hand-made openwork from Koniaków. I have nothing else to say.

10.  Travel guide to Poland

Buy here: CLICK!
Poland is such a beautiful country, offering so much during all seasons! Unfortunately, some of our friends abroad think that either we are a part of Russia or that we have heavy winter all year round. I’ve also heard one person saying that we have only two seasons: summer and winter. I was asked once, what music do we listen to in Poland, because they believed that we have no access to Western hits, but all of us know by heart all greatest hits of Russian bards. Sometimes we laugh at this, sometimes it makes us angry. But in any case we try to fight these misleading opinions and we promote Poland as much as we can. That’s why I think a good travel guide to Poland is a perfect gift. Choose Rough Guide series, Lonely Planet sucks.


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  • Reply Grzegorz Górzyński December 8, 2016 at 9:54 am

    Doskonałym prezentem dla obcokrajowca może być też kolacja, przygotowana w Polsce, przez localsa 🙂 / Grzesiek z

    • Reply Kate Deptula December 17, 2016 at 5:35 pm

      Owszem, ale bałabym się o świeżość takiego dania po kilkugodzinnym transporcie 🙂

  • Reply daria_renata December 12, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    Bardzo fajne pomysły, przyda się też jako lista co Polskiego kupić jak odchodzisz z pracy haha
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie 🙂

    • Reply Kate Deptula December 17, 2016 at 5:37 pm

      Pierwsze słyszę, żeby kupować prezenty na odejście z pracy 🙂

  • Reply Ola August 8, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    ja z okazji odejścia z pracy kupuje standardowo ptasie mleczko, zawsze sie wszyscy cieszą że fajnie i ze dobre, niech poznają polskie smaki w mojej walijskiej wsi 🙂

    • Reply Kasia August 12, 2017 at 11:29 am

      A wiesz, że u mnie w pracy jakoś niechętnie w ogóle próbowali ptasiego mleczka (jakoś tak podejrzliwie) aby w końcu stwierdzić, że nie bardzo im smakuje… Dziwni ci Anglicy…

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