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All the cars of Macedonia

February 20, 2017

First car I have ever driven was Daewoo Tico. The next one was VW Golf II, which was old enough to change its plates for vintage ones. After that I had Golden Arrow, how we called our Renault Clio, which we had to finally scrap after driving it from Poland to England. But don’t judge me. I really am a car lover.

I don’t really care what is inside of the car. Even if one tells me, I won’t understand too much. For me what counts is if the car is still working and if it’s pretty. And if it can get you to the end of the world, in mud, dust and tremble of its metal sheets. Old cars have all of that. They work for God know how many years, on God knows what kind of fuel, but they are still reliable. People often choose them over the newest models, because of their reliability. And that cool look!

That’s why in Macedonia I went crazy with my camera and was making picures everywhere. Wherever I looked, I could see vintage cars, one better than another. You might not know (I haven’t), but very popular car in Macedonia is good, Polish Fiat 126P. Suddenly we felt like home again.




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