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Roofs and underworld of Lviv

March 19, 2017

Would you like to see Lviv from different perspective? From above or maybe from underneath? We couldn’t decide, so we took both options. Let us show you Lviv from it’s highest roofs and explore it’s uderworld with us.

To do so, you will have to go for organised trip with one of gaencies. We recommend Kumpel Tour, located in the very centre of Lviv. They have meny other trips in their offer, but unfortunatelly wedidn’t have time to try more than two. They also have English tour guides, so if you don’t speak Polish, Ukrainian or Russian, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Grups are small and prices even smaller.

First day we spent on city’s roofs, admiring amazing views and listening to fascinating, magical stories of Lviv and it’s citizens. We were so lost in listening to those stories, that we almost forgot to take pictures!

There is one house on the old city. It’s called Black House. It used to be home to one alchemist, who was working so hard that smoke went outside through all windows and doors and stayed on the wlls, makng them black. Since then it was impossible to remove that colour from the stone.

Next day we went to Lviv’s underworld. It was super exciting tour, full of scary stories and gloomy, mysterious places. We were under the theatre, the oldest pharmacy, cofee mine and church, where we found some acient Polish inscriprions. If you don’t now why, you probably missed our previous post abot Polish traces in Ukraine, espacially here in Lviv.

Unfortunatelly, as it happens under the ground, light was not the best and we don’t have too many pictures. Well, you will have go and chack it yourself.


I’ve mentioned coffee mine. Yes, you’ve heard right! There is a coffee mine, located in the heart of Lviv, where coffee beams are taken from underground up to the cofee shop, when it’s burned and sold as a drink. There is one cool legend explaining how coffee came to Lviv.

It’s all because of Jurek Kulczycki, who started his coffee journey in 1652 roku. When he was a student, he spend his free time helping alchemists. Among other thing they did research aout was also coffee, unknown there in that times. Well, ok, they knew that something like that exists, but people treated cofee as rubbish.

Onde day Jurek boiled cofee beans and sent samples to people living in Lvv. Some of them started to love it, especially city major, who gave reserved rights for making cofee to Jurek. And that is how coffeee output started and continues until today.



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