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Hveragerði – hot river in Reykjadalur valley

November 1, 2017

‘Uuuu… this city is big…!’ I said eloquently looking by the window of Toyota Rav4, borrowed from our boss. In Iceland it’s not that common to be amazed by the city lights. Not because there’s no electricity here, but it’s super hard to find city big enough to stand out.

In the morning it turned out that big part of the night lights belong to many greenhouses, catering majority of the island with fresh products. After closer research I found out,, that Hveragerði is one of the lightest cities in the country. Why this city in particular? It’s all about safety.  

Hveragerði lies on the teritory of geothermal park, and hot springs or gaysirs, throwing out hot steam can be found everywhere. Each of them has it’s own name, for example there is the “rubbish” one, where locals used to throw their garbage into. Once, after eruption of one of the volcanoes, geysir gave back all the gifts and thow all the rubbish in the air. Another one became the reason of improving city lights quality, after local man fell down to the boiling water and died. l

Lovers of tourist guides will mainly know Hveragerði from the hot river, lying in the Reykjadalur valey, few kilometers from the city. Yes, that’s right! Not the hot spring, but  hot river! What’s even better, hot river connects with the cold one at some point. Thanks to that we can choos how hot water we want to get into. The whole place has been adapted for swimming, wooden pavement has been biult along with places, where you can change your clothes. 

Hot river is a great place for a trip with friends, necessarily with a bottle of wine in the back pack. Far from the main road, surounded by nature, we lie down in the hot water and relax, talk, meet new people. As in old, good times before Internet addiction and Smatrphones. Regardless the closneness to the Reykjavik and being in the tourist guides, this place is not super crowded. Most of the people choose Geysir and Golden Circle over the hot river. But it doesn’t mean, that you’ll be completely alone there. To spend priceless moments with yourself in Iceland, you would have to go either to the east or to the interior. Even if half percent of  2 milion tourists group per year visit hot river, it’s enough to notice them. A Nevertheless, silence and relax are guaranteed. 

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