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August 14, 2017

Dear, it’s been a while since we wrote anything, but it was really crazy time in our lives! I have no idea how other people manage to keep everyone updted while having hectic moments. I’m just lost in the storm, I have to survive it and then share

There is a quite significant change, because… we’ve just moved to Iceland! Not he shop, as many thought. The country. Probably those of you who follow our Instagra and Facebook it’s not the newest news, byt it had to be said officialy. How did all of those happen? Quite a funny story, actually.

We were thinking about moving somewhere else for some time now. But where? Bristol again? Scotland? Some other place? To be honest with you, currency dropping from week to week was an important factor deciding about moving out from the UK. At first we were thinking about Norway, but good times are gone and to have a chance for r job in a shop or restaurant it’s better for you to speak Norwegian. We don’t.  

Two years ago, when we visited Iceland as tourists, we were so in love with the nature and landscapes, that it was easier to move in here, instead of coming back 100 times to see everything we’d like to see. Plus, if you think about it, if prices are high and the country is still rich, it means that earnings are at least O.K.  

We started to send our CVs out. We found first job in 2 days, but it turned out that accommodation problem in Iceland is bigger than we thought. So we had to postpone our ‘Project Icelad’ for winter, when seasonal workers go home and we could jump into their place. But one day my phone rang. Manager of newly built restaurant in Iceland was looking for staff. Accommodation included. Yes, I will! 

She called on Monday, on Wednesday we already handed in our notices. WE had just two week for packing and selling everything we could. So you can see, it was really crazy time for us and blogging was not on the top of important things to do’ list. 

But we’re back. I am writing this post sitting next to Piotr, sleeping sweetly after first day at work. I can see the cean from the balcony and behind our staff house are mountains with lots of walking tracks. We are living in Vik, in the southern part of Iceland. We’ve already met some interesting people here and we hope that beside very hard work we’ll find lots of beautiful moments and new friends. 

Be prepared for posts about living in Iceland, traveling here and about interesting places to visit, not necessarily from the TOP 10 of Lonely Planet. We still have some ‘UK posts’ left for you, as well as posts about ur vacation in Poland. But for now, let me show you round in Vik: 


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