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City break in London

August 14, 2017

We have already told you a few times, that although we are not huge fans of cities, we like coming back to London. It’s on our favourities list, because you’ll be never bored there. It doesn’t matter if you have money to spend or you are looking for a budget trip – in London everyone can find something.

Two days are definitelly too short to visit London, but it’s really worth it to experience at least a little bit of English capital. We have spentt few weekends there and we always leave this pleace with ‘not enough‘ feeling. What to do during London citybreak? 

Walking in the park

I know it sounds like grany style trip, but believe me it feels sooo nice! A lot of green areas, squirells jumping on the trees and eatng from your hand, small and big birds, city biuzz mixed with sounds of nature… It’s great place to take a deep breath after spending a lot of time in a big city. The only disadvantade are prices, of course. Everything from beer, coffe and food are very expensive there. Well, it’s a touristc place all the year round. That’s why we always take some lunch with us and have a nice picnic far from overcrouded cafes. 

Change of wards

It’s quite complicated. On one hand it’s nothing special, but on te other it’s nice to see it once yu’re already here. We have been there twice, once alone, secong with our guests, and each time we couldn’t stand the crowds. We don’t want to waist our time fighting with people wave, nor waiting 1-2 hours beforehand to have the best view. One thing is for sure – change of wards is a great opportunity for some docmentary photos if you are interested. I don’t think we’ll get back to see it once more, but we don’t regret our time spent there.

Camden Town

Area of Amy Winehouse , alternative fashion, interesting shops and street food. It’s so easy to spend there whole day, but remember about CRAZY crowds, which make that stay few times more exhausting. Probably night life is very interesting there, but we didn’t have chance to check it. 

Neil’s Yard

 I’ve found this place on Instagram and fel in love straight away. Crazy colours, butterflies, flowers are, in the contrary to what you might think about me, exactly what I like. I have no idea why this place is not full of people. And I guess that’s what cought me most – small, crumped space,  random colours and lack of people. Cozy, magical place in the middle of concrete jungle. 

Area of Big Ben or Tower Bridge

When I saw Big Ben for the first time, I was a bit disappointed. It was as big, as it seemd to be on the pictures. And it was rainig. But later, after coming back home, I noticed, that I think abut this place with some king of nostalgia. So it’s worth it, I guess. 

And what comes to  Tower Bridge, it’s very picteresque place and the area is not so crowded as the one closer to the Big Ben, so it’s easier to find cosy corner and relax. 

China Town

It’s not the biggest, but definitely worth seeing, especially if you like Asin cuisine or food experiments. It’s not super rowded, uless you’ll come around Chinese New Year. China Town is must see each time we visit London. If you don’t want to spent money in the restaurant, there is one really nice small bakery, very popular, vere you can buy for example roll with red beans filling. Yummy!

Museum Madame Tussaud

Ok, definitely one of the most expensive things in London. I’ve been there twice and each time I had great time. I’d go third time as well, but only with someone who has never been there yet. Why not alone? Because there is so many places in London I haven’t been to, that I guess it’s high time to move on with exploring the city. Oh, I don’t have to add, that the Museum is overcrowded, right? 

British Museum

This museum is incredible. It’s hard to say how it looks like for people who are not museum fans, because all peaople around me love museums. Two things are for sure. Firs tone: one day is not enough to see everything. Seonc : so far, my favourite exhibitionsa are the ones about Egipt and Assyria. And Eskimos. I’ve been there twice and I’ll go more for sure. 

Let us know if you’ve been to London and if you’ve visited the same places. What are your London favourites? 

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