10 years of travels – how the hell did this happen?!

February 26, 2017

They say that everyone should go for lonely journey at least once in a lifetime. What do we think about this? Well, as always – something totally different than others – we always travel together and spend 2 hours with each other even on normal days, when work and routine seem to be overwhelming. We dream together about big and tiny travels. And there is no single sign that this is going to change. Today is exactly 10 years of our relationship. How did it happen that we haven’t killed each other yet? Well, we’re not sure…

We thought, that 10th anniversary is something big and it’s a great occasion to let you to know us a little bit better. And maybe we will be able to tell you a secret of happy relationship? Well, few more years and we will be together longer than apart, and this is not being funny any more. This is huge. Especially now, when people take us for some kind of weirdos. Ten years with one woman? She has to be a witch or something, there’s no other explanation!

Ten years ago, only few days of being together.

We met in high school, where quite often we shared one desk. We were just friends, going for parties together and we liked to share our free time with each other, but we weren’t a couple. I wanted, but Piotr had to make his mind, what took him three years. My patience paid off and we started to date. Officialy he claims, that he had to wait for my hair to grow back, because short haircut wasn’t the best choice for me…

So we started travelling together. From now on, always and everywhere together. Firstly we went to Tatra mountains in Poland. We don’t have much pictures, as we didn’t even have a camera. All pictures were taken with mobile phone. And remember – it was 10 years ago, co cameras were a little bit different than today. We remember one small local restaurant, where we were eating almost every day. This was one of the best food we have ever had!! It was here, where we discovered that travells are what we really love.

The next trip was to Czech Republic. This time camping, with back packs – all borrowed from friends and family. We went especially for music festival, we were eating beer for dinner and we were dringking beer for lunch. You needed token to take a shower, and you disovered that you are able to walk a mile to use proper toilet in one of local pubs. This was first abroad trip ever for both of us. Our love for travels became even bigger.

Studies, unfortunatelly, weren’t the best times for travels. We had no money, but we had crisis – Piotr got seriously ill and ended up in hspital and several surgeries. I was working in call centre that time, earing 1300 zltys. Our rent was 1200 zlotys, so you see – there was no hope for travels whatsoever.

Money was the reason why we decided to go to England for summer job. By bus (!!!). Unfortunatelly, currency was really bad and we had to choose between getting a loan or go back to Poland a bit earlier than planned. I bought a pair of jeans, bra anddenim vest, and Piotr came back home with two CDs. We started thiking about emigrating for longer in the future. We have no single photo of that times, as we were working all the time and the last thing we were thinking about were phots. Oh, by the way we still have never taken any loan or morgage and we don’t plan to do so.

When only we had time, we tried to explore local areas: Pomorze where we were living (by the Baltic Sea) and Masuria, where we come from.

So this is it in terms of our travells during studies. Our situation continued another 2 years, when we focused on work. Finally, after 7  years of being a couple, we got married. So if there is a wedding, there has to be a honey moon as well! We chose Georgia. With old fashioned backpaks and borrowed tent, that was eaten by the dog at the very beginning of our trip. Oh, and with enourmous, super heavy matress. No one had aything better to lend us, but we didn’t care about equipment at all. The most important was trip itself and us being together. Our passion for travel was unquestioned.

In the meantime te emigrated to England and everything ws so much easier: Iceland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Malta, Gozo, Spain… This year we’re going to Norway. And somewere else, we haven’t decided on destination yet. We have big and small travel plans that we realise with small steps. We are colletcing our equipment. Everything always together.

Lonely trips are not for us. Relationship tht started so early made us to grow up together. One became a part of another, we were shaping each other and each of us consists of two people rather than only one. And I guess this is a secret of happy realationship – we on’t have to change for the second half, because we were made by the second half. There are no big compromises, because we don’t need them.

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