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What did we learn during emigration and travels?

November 5, 2016


This Christmas will be the third one that we spend on emigration. Although we don’t celebrate, this time is a point we use to estimate how long we live outside of our country. We emigrated in October 2014.  Third year has just started. Maybe not a long time, but changes inside of us are huge. 

1. Travels

I remember how scared I was when I had to book a flight for my former boss. I was terrified! Four years ago we had never been to the airport before! Both of us always loved trips and excursions, but this hunger of discovering was being killed inside of us all this time. Emigration has let us to discover it again. Emigration without travels would only be an empty pattern of work-home-work-home. What really changed us are travels. But there would be no travels without emigration.




Cycling in Gozo.

2. Minimalism

When living in Poland we let others to put in our heads this sick stereotype, that we have to find full time job, take a loan, buy a car, make a baby and if we want, have a dog. We should spend weekends on the countryside visiting our parents and during the week wear plain, boring uniforms and from 8.00 till 4.00 stick our individualism into our pockets. This was supposed to be the only reasonable and right way of living. It has never applied to us, we never liked it, but couldn’t think about anything else at the same time. We were frustrated and stressed inside out. When one asked us about our biggest fear, the answer was ‘future’. During last two years we met a lot of amazing people, who did not take this path and they’re doing great! What’s more, we discovered that we can do so as well. We got rid of the car, don’t want to live in our own flat any more, as we enjoy renting. We’ve got no kids, but have already picked the name for dog. We discovered part time job. With only three pots and two cups in the kitchen, sleeping on the mattress instead of proper bed and having only one pair of jeans we are finally happy!
One of the hostels we stayed in during our trip to Albania.

3. Feelings towards money
Money is not everything. Yes, that’s true, but to understand that you have to have it first. We are not wealthy people. But we earn money similar to a regular British person. And now we see that it’s not money that gives happiness. It’s what you can buy with it. Inner peace of having enough money until the next pay day. Comfort of saving. Privilege of planning future investments. Excessive happiness of travelling. Healthy food. Small everyday treats. For over two years we work to live, not the opposite.
Geting paid only in fivers.

4. Patriotism

During our travels we understood that real patriotism is far from being a shame. In all countries we’ve visited flags were waving all year round, everywhere. National pride can be something beautiful, that we have to learn from countries like Georgia or Albania. It’s not build on aggression against everything that’s different and it’s far from converting country into a papal state. The real patriotism relies on trust towards our neighbours, a table set proudly with local products and recommending beautiful places around. This is partiotism we have learnt and we’re sticking to it.
Albanian flag.

5. Polish people are super cool!

When we came to England we had this ‘Polish complex’. When last year I made bigos (polish national one-pot dish made of cabbage and meat) for our international Christmas party, I was sure nobody would like to try it. Yes, I was cooking it one week, doing my best, but let’s face it – bigos is not the most pretty dish. And what turned out? My bigos nailed it! Everyone loved it and I came just on time to just try it myself!
During these couple of years we discovered that Polish are very innovative and full of ideas and drive. They are honest and hard working, but not stupid and do not let others to use them. They can plan the future and consequently going towards their goals. Helpful and unselfish, with great general knowledge. They speak very good English and they have very high ecological awareness. Outside of work they have hobbies and passions. Polish cuisine is delicious and Polish products are great quality. There’s no need to be ashamed, because it’s cool to be Polish!
Food from our wedding day. Home made sausages made only from local products.

 6. Enjoy your life

Emigration and travels showed us not only that it’s super cool to be Polish, but also that there is a lot of unfairness in the world. Emigration has taught us that we don’t have equal chances and sometimes we have to go against the wind. But on the other hand, when we travel, we meet a lot of intelligent, smart, educated young people, who were on the lost position from the very beginning. This is unfair, because they have exactly the same dreams as we do and sometimes they were growing up watching the same cartoons. The only reason why they can’t live how they want is that they were bon on the wrong side of the border. Thanks to them we understood that life is too short to be stuck in system we don’t accept. That’s why not only for ourselves, but also for all those people we have to enjoy our life. Because there are people who would live our lives better than us.
That is the reason why we don’t concentrate on what is expected from us any more, but on what we want from life. And we wish all of you the same.
Plate spotted on one of the houses on Malta.

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